Creative Living

One of the coolest aspects of the Oregon State Fair—the blending of the traditional with the cutting edge—happens in the Creative Living Department. That’s where you’ll discover displays, exhibits, demonstrations, and competitions that cover the full spectrum of life in Oregon. The Creative Living team’s constant goal is to strike a balance between tradition and innovation…all for the benefit of Oregonians. This department of the Oregon State Fair features many of those classic competitions we all know so well. But these days there is equal emphasis on new and truly engaging topics, each of which reflect life in Oregon. We constantly strive for a balance between traditions and innovations.

We have a multitude of divisions to compete in this year - click on your interest to get started!

How can I volunteer for the Creative Living exhibits?

Funny you should ask! Just click the button below to sign up to be a volunteer.

Remote Drop-Off Sites and Opportunities

For your convenience, some Creative Living categories offer a few ways to drop off your entry at remote drop-off sites throughout the state. Please see our Remote Drop-Off Sites and Information for full instructions.

See winners from the 2018 Creative Living Divisions!