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At this time, the Oregon State Fair and Exposition Center is currently hiring for a 2023 Oregon State Fair Marketing and Media Assistant!

Fair Marketing and Media Assistant



Provide overall assistance to the CEO, Marketing Manager and Media Team by completing a multitude of marketing, sponsorship and media tasks pre-fair, during the fair and post fair. This position will start off as a part-time position and become full time mid-August through mid-September.

Job duties as follows:


  • Assist Marketing Manager with updating, ordering and dispersal of the Oregon State Fair Mini-Manual.
  • Coordinate on-site logistics for radio stations and other media outlets. Work directly with the Media Buyer to coordinate.
  • Implement and work with media team to obtain procedures for credential and parking passes for media.
  • As needed, schedule talent and OSF Media Spokesperson for TV broadcasts. Will include early morning and late-night meetings.
  • Assist with media walk-through of the fairgrounds if Marketing and Media team is unavailable.
  • Miscellaneous duties as instructed by the CEO, Marketing Manager, and Marketing and Media team.
  • Create schedule for spokesperson.
  • Create security requests for all on-site media.
  • Work on daily online program with marketing and media team.
  • Review media procedures with front desk staff, marketing team and anyone servings as media point person.
  • Work with media team to ensure that you have printed talking points/daily highlights to give to reporters.
  • Work closely with marketing manager and sponsorship team to assist in fulfilling all sponsorship deliverables.
  • Assist with fair signage pre-fair and post-fair.
  • Organization of fair banners and signage post fair.
  • Assist in wrapping up any additional duties as needed.


  • Communicate with all media partners the procedures for their on-site arrival.
  • Open communication with CEO, Marketing Manager, OSF spokesperson and marketing and media team.
  • Each day, send out the next day’s media schedule to marketing team.
  • Be on call for media questions and requests.
  • Keep the Marketing and Expo Sales Manager and marketing team apprised


  • Flexible long hours with early mornings and late nights.
  • This position is temporary starting as part time and becomes a full-time position.


  • Three years successful study or experience in Marketing, Business or PR
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • Familiarize yourself with the grounds.
  • Must be able to drive a golf cart (class provided to become a licensed operator)
  • Extremely organized and detail oriented
  • Able to maintain cooperative working relations with various groups and individuals including State Fair department heads, creative team members, sponsors, business and community organizations.


  • Prolonged standing, walking, and repetitive bending.
  • Ability to lift/move up to 50 lbs.


  • Outdoor work, which will include working in heat, rain, and wind.


The Marketing Assistant shall perform duties in support of the 2023 Oregon State Fair (OSF) marketing department, which runs Friday August 25 through Monday September 4. The Assistant will also need to be available pre-Fair and post-Fair dates as outlined under the Service Timeline.

Service Timeline:

2023 Oregon State Fair

Pre-Fair: June 1st through August 24

Fair: August 25 through September 4

Post-Fair: September 5 through September 30


To apply, email For more information please contact:

Oregon State Fair

Dani Ficken

Marketing and Expo Sales Manager

(971) 707-4068


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