Textiles competitions at the Oregon State Fair

These traditional competitions can have a magnetic power over people—even those who’ve never threaded a needle.

In a world increasingly dominated by all things electronic and digital, you can take comfort in knowing these very traditional pursuits still have a place. What better reason to wrap up your latest project in time to enter it at the Oregon State Fair. We hope you do!

Felting, Spinning & Weaving

For there are numerous levels of competition based on age and experience. It’s clear that participants have a multitude of ways to wins ribbons. Aren’t you due? (Thought so.)

Needlework & Clothing

You’ll discover levels of competition related to age and experience for the Needlework & Clothing contests.


Maybe it’s because quilts tend to be big. Or maybe it’s because they are colorful. Or perhaps it’s because the requisite skill is prominently displayed in the Columbia Hall. Whatever the reason, quilts are immensely popular with fairgoers.