August 23 - september 2



Fiber Arts, Needlework & Clothing, Quilting

Fiber Arts

We know felting, spinning weaving and dying aren't for the faint of heart. Whether you’ve mastered the craft, or you’re just starting out, we want to see what your needles are capable of!

Needlework & Clothing

Being able to sew your own wardrobe is pretty impressive - and adding embroidery really gives it that special touch. Whether you’re using a machine, or making magic with your hands, we’d love to see your handmade lace, cross-stitch, and rugs too!


Quilts can tell a colorful story and you can see the craftsmanship in each stitch. If you’ve been working on something special, it’s time to be recognized at The Oregon State Fair! We’d love to admire your quilted blankets or wall hangings up in Columbia Hall.

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