Horse Shows



The Multi Breed Oregon State Fair Horse Show starts Monday, August 26th and runs through Monday, September 2nd, showcasing many breeds of horses over the course of 8 days! There will be multiple performances each day of various breeds starting at 9:00 a.m. with special performances each evening showcasing the majestic Draft Horse.


Special Labor Day Monday's Exhibitions - before and after Draft Horse Pulling Contest

** New This Year **

Is your horse breed the best at Oregon State Fair? Create a team of your breed and compete on Thursday evening in Walk/Trot and Halter for ribbons and add-back prize money.

Special Breed Competition Handbook

Drill Team Competition

Miniature Horses

  • Monday, August 26th and Tuesday, August 27th, plus periodic exhibitions and demonstrations with Miniature Horses throughout the Horse Show.
  • Miniature Horses Handbook

Open Pinto Ponies, Miniature Horses, and Very Small Equine

Draft Horses

  • On exhibit Friday, August 23rd. Arena performances each evening starting Saturday, August 24th during the 4-H horse show. Multiple arena performances each day starting on Monday, August 26th. There will be periodic unscheduled demonstrations as time permits.
  • Draft Horse Handbook

Draft Horse Pull Contest

Mustangs and Burros


Open Gaited Breed Horses

Tennessee Walking Horses

Gypsy Horses

Drum Horses

Saddlebred Horses

Morgan Horses

Paso Fino Horses

Peruvian Horses


  • Stalls must be reserved in advance with a payment to cover the stall fees.
  • Stalls Handbook

Premium Books


  • For more information or a mailed Premium Book, contact:
    • Ron Hood, Horse Show Manager
      280 Mansfield Rd
      Hollister, CA 95023
      [email protected]