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The Multi Breed Oregon State Fair Horse Show lasted Monday, August 26th through Monday, September 2nd, showcasing many breeds of horses over the course of 8 days! There were multiple performances each day of various breeds starting at 9:00 a.m. with special performances each evening showcasing the majestic Draft Horse.


Thanks to all those that participated in the Open Horse Show in 2019. For complete class results, visit Horse Show Time.


The 2019 Horse Show Photographer was Ron Christian. He can be reached at:

Ron Christian Photography



Special Labor Day Monday's Exhibitions - before and after Draft Horse Pulling Contest

  • Sherwood Forest Mounted Archers - 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm
    A Salute to Heroes & History - Special Presentation at 2 PM - including drill team, Draft Horse teams, Flag presentation.

** New This Year **

Is your horse breed the best at Oregon State Fair? Create a team of your breed and compete on Thursday evening in Walk/Trot and Halter for ribbons and add-back prize money.

Special Breed Competition Handbook

Drill Team Competition

Miniature Horses

  • Monday, August 26th and Tuesday, August 27th, plus periodic exhibitions and demonstrations with Miniature Horses throughout the Horse Show.
  • Miniature Horses Handbook

Open Pinto Ponies, Miniature Horses, and Very Small Equine

Draft Horses

  • On exhibit Friday, August 23rd. Arena performances each evening starting Saturday, August 24th during the 4-H horse show. Multiple arena performances each day starting on Monday, August 26th. There will be periodic unscheduled demonstrations as time permits.
  • Draft Horse Handbook

Draft Horse Pull Contest

Mustangs and Burros


Open Gaited Breed Horses

Tennessee Walking Horses

Gypsy Horses

Drum Horses

Saddlebred Horses

Morgan Horses

Paso Fino Horses

Peruvian Horses


  • Stalls must be reserved in advance with a payment to cover the stall fees.
  • Stalls Handbook

Premium Books


  • For more information or a mailed Premium Book, contact:
    • Ron Hood, Horse Show Manager
      280 Mansfield Rd
      Hollister, CA 95023
      [email protected]

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