The Oregon State Fair and Exposition Center (OSFEC) is supportive of the decision by Oregon’s Governor and state leaders to protect the public’s health by cancelling all organized gatherings of more than 250 people until May 2, 2020. Refer to the list of gatherings below.

Importantly, these facilities are rented as a venue by many groups who produce their own individual shows and events. Again, all such shows and events are cancelled now through May 2, 2020. Inquiries regarding possible rescheduling or ticket purchase refunds for affected shows or events should be directed to the producers of those shows and events.

The team at OSFEC has taken immediate, proactive measures to mitigate the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), and will continue to monitor the recommendations from the CDC and Oregon Health Authority for future decisions. These measures align with OSFEC’s ongoing quest to provide the highest level of satisfaction and safety for customers, event guests, exhibitors, vendors, volunteers and OSFEC staff.

Subject to change.

EVENT DATE              NAME OF EVENT                                                                          CONTACT

3/15/2020                  The Roadshow 2020                                                                   [email protected]

3/15/2020                  WAY-FM Dinner                                                                           [email protected]

3/17/2020                  DAS Budget Kickoff Meeting                                                   [email protected]

3/20/2020                  2020 Yard, Garden and Home Show                    [email protected]

3/27/2020                  Pacific Northwest District Robotics Competition            [email protected]

3/28/2020                  Blacktail Classic 2020                                                                 [email protected]

3/30/2020                  OSP Recruit Trooper Badge Ceremony                               [email protected]

4/2/2020                    2020 OHSET North Valley District Meet 3                        [email protected]

4/4/2020                    The Great Junk Hunt                                                             [email protected]

4/4/2020                    Collector’s West Gun Show                                                  [email protected]

4/7/2020                    Jehovah’s Memorial

4/10/2020                  Island Community Church Easter Service

4/16/2020                  CTEC Signing Ceremony                                             

4/17/2020                  NCEES Engineering Exams                                          

4/17/2020                  Bustos Media FIRME Tour                                            

4/18/2020                  Pathfinders International Convention                         [email protected]

4/19/2020                  Salem INDUS Holi Day

4/21/2020                  Garden Bros Circus                                                             [email protected]

4/24/2020                 Oregon Ag Fest                                                         

4/24/2020                Athletic Edge Gymnastic Competition                    

4/25/2020                ISCWE Coronation

4/29/2020                Construction Career Day (NAWC)

5/1/2020                  Marion Co. Master Gardeners Plant Sale

5/2/2020                 NW Crossfit Slaughterfest Series 2020                  

5/2/2020                 Western Christian School Auction                           

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