August 23 - september 2


thank you, oregon business development department!

Celebrating their generous grant of $277,777

The Oregon State Fair and Exposition Center and Marion County Fair celebrate the recently awarded grant of $277,777 from the Oregon Business Development Department!

The funds were awarded during a recent grant application and will go toward much-needed updates on the grounds of the Oregon State Fair and Exposition Center:

  • Livestock Office and Livestock Pavilion:
    • Remodeling Men’s and Women’s restrooms and shows to add ADA accessibility and safety to patrons, FFA, 4-H students, and advisors of the Marion County Fair. 
    • Replacing the Livestock Office roof.
  • Historic Horse Arena:
    • Roll up steel doors on Historic Horse Arena to secure the building and make it safer for those showing and their animals.

The Marion County Fair uses the Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center for the County Fair each year. When the remodel of the restrooms and showers are complete, it will provide a safe place for patrons to use the facilities. The restrooms and showers are also utilized by the 4-H, FFA, and Open-Class exhibitors.  The roll up doors will allow the Marion County Fair to secure the Historic Horse Arena, which will make it safer for those showing and their animals. The Marion County Fair uses the Livestock Office as their main office during Fair and this will enhance their ability to serve the FFA, 4-H students, and the patrons of the Fair. The Marion County Fair is grateful for the capital allocation to improve the fairgrounds and appreciates the Oregon State Fair Council partnership and management of these resources on behalf of Marion County Fair Board. The Legislature’s support will enable us to have better facilities and to continue its important work of providing agricultural learning opportunities to our youth and community members, as well as providing a safe and welcoming environment for all community members.

Heartfelt thank you to Grant Services of America, Inc. for their work securing this grant!

About this funding…

• In the 2019-2021 Oregon legislation session, $10 million tax exempt lottery funds were provided to County Fairgrounds (HB 5006)
The $10 million is split between two anticipated bond sales, $5 million in Spring of 2022 and $5 million in Spring of 2023
Eligible for capital improvement projects only
Funds will be evenly distributed to eligible applicants that choose to apply for funding
For more information about awarded projects, click here.