A hundred years of horses.

May the Historic Horse Stadium
never be put out to pasture.


The first phase of construction was completed in time for the 1918 edition of the fair, which focused on the construction of the impressive wood truss roof support superstructure and vertical support posts surrounding the arena. A year later the balance of construction was completed with the addition of permanent seating and walkways.

News archives from those early days reveal that Fair leadership bragged that the Stadium’s roof truss system—which allows the center ring to be free of structural supports—was “the largest spanned roof on the Pacific Coast.”

Such is the legacy of statewide pride in this rare structure, with its brick walls, wooden cornice, two-tiered clerestory (originally for natural light and ventilation), and elegant arched bays.

It’s a legacy worth preserving, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.

We're proud to announce that the following renovation work will commence after the 2023 Oregon State Fair, and will be completed before the 2024 Oregon State Fair:

  • Complete exterior masonry cleaning and restoration
  • Revision of asphalt slope at egress doors
  • Exterior doors restoration/renovation
  • New overhead coiling doors - North and East elevations
  • Exterior prep and painting – both horizontal trim bands, exterior door trim
  • Exterior painting of T1-11 siding sections above doors

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