If the carnival is your happy place, you’re about to get happier.

Rainier Amusements puts its best foot forward
with awesome rides and games.

The 2021 Fair is proud to offer the incredible rides and games provided and operated by Portland’s Rainier Amusements. We have fun and excitement at every turn, always under the watchful eyes of trained safety inspectors.

This year we have 23 major rides for your thrill-seeking pleasure, including 9 that are new to the Oregon State Fair! Plus 17 kiddie rides in our centrally located Cub Country area.

Carnival ride and game tickets can only be purchased at the Oregon State Fair.

Carnival ride wristbands cost $55. Each wristband is good for any one day (until 10:00pm) of unlimited rides for one person, plus, three games and a medium drink. Or, you can buy 125 game or ride tickets for $50! Games range from 1-12 tickets and rides range from 10-12 tickets.

  • Carnival Ride Wristbands - $55
  • 125 Game/Ride Tickets - $50

Major Rides

Alibaba  (Must be 48”)
Starship  (Must be 48”)
Loop O’Plane  (Must be 48”)
Orange Slide  (42” unless accompanied)
Zipper  (Must be over 52” – NO single riders)
Tornado  (Must be 48” or 42” with adult)
Bumper Cars  (Must be over 48” or 42” with adult)
Spider  (Must be 42”)
Sizzler  (Must be 52” or 42” with adult)
Kamikaze  (Must be 54”)
Tilt a Whirl  (Must be 48” or 42” with adult)
Vortex   (Must be 46” or 42” with adult)
Vertigo*  (Must be over 42” – NO open toed shoes)
Cliff Hanger (Must be over 48”)
Rainier Wheel  (Must be 48” or 42” with adult – NO single riders)
Superhero Headquarters Funhouse  (42” unless accompanied – NO opened toed shoes)
Mardi Gras (Must be 42” or over 36” with adult – NO open toed shoes)
Snow City  (42” unless accompanied – NO opened toed shoes)
Round Up* (Must be over 46”)
Tip Top* (Must be over 52”)
Arctic Express Coaster (Must be over 54”)
Eruption* (Must be over 46”)
The Rave

Cub Country Kiddie Rides

Giant Wheel (Must be 54” unless accompanied)
Minion Raiders (42” unless accompanied – NO opened toed shoes)
Skyfighter (Must be over 2 years old to ride - 48” max)
Bulgy the Whale (Must be over 2 years old to ride 53” max)
Yo Yo (Must be 42”)
Merry go Round (Must be 42” unless accompanied – NO open toed shoes)
Dumbo (Must be 2 yrs. old to ride – 48" max)
Crazy Taxi (Must be 36”)
Mini Pirate Ship (Must be 42”)
Berry Go Round (Must be 42” or 36” with adult)
Kiddie Coaster (Must be 42” or 36” with adult)
Pink Slide (42” unless accompanied)
Hampton Bikes* (Must be over 2 yrs. old to ride 52”max)
Tubs of Fun* (Must be 36”)
Toon Town* (Must be 36”)
Puppy Roll* (Must be 42” or 36” with adult)
Crazy Plane* (Must be 42”)

Rides with * are new to this year's fair. All rides take between 10-12 tickets. All games take between 1-12 tickets.

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