This building is a tough old bird.

We aim to protect the
Poultry Building like a mother hen.


The Poultry Building made its official debut during the 1921 Oregon State Fair, described at the time as magnificent and modern. Its striking Spanish Colonial Revival style of architecture was unique to Oregon and rare in America.

The walls consist of structural terracotta tile coated with stucco, which combine with the terracotta tiles along the 5-foot parapet to give the building a slight Mission flavor. The exterior is decorated with unforgettable busts of roosters, which originally also served as flag stanchions.

Perhaps even more impressive, the interior is unique for its laminated wood truss system—a series of eight barrel-arched trusses—that supports the clerestory roof. The resulting visual impact was and is one of rustic elegance. Our restoration goal is to rediscover that same elegance, now faded by time.

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