Agriculture & Horticulture

go to the very roots of this fine state.

One of our favorite things about the 2019 Oregon State Fair is that there are so many wonderful ways to participate. The three Agriculture & Horticulture competitions are a perfect example — all comers are welcome. We have three categories of competition that capture the true spirit of Oregon, so check out the handbooks below to see when contest suits you best!


There are three basic divisions in this classic competition for 2019: entries that remain throughout the run of the fair, entries for the first half of the Fair, and entries for the second half of the Fair. So many opportunities. So much fun! 


For those with a special affinity for the world of honeybees, and the delicious result of their industrious ways, this 2019 competition is a must. We offer divisions for youth and adults, though young folks can also choose to compete with the adults.


Our 2019 floral competitions are simply blooming with opportunity. It all begins with a green thumb, of course. But where it ends— possibly with a beautiful ribbon in hand — is absolutely up to you…and the judges, too.

Remote Drop-Off Sites and Opportunities

For your convenience, some Creative Living categories will offer a few ways to drop off your entry at remote drop-off sites throughout the state. Please see our Remote Drop-Off Sites and Information for full instructions.

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