ST[+r]EAM brings forward-thinking, innovative competitions front and center at the Fair. Think of it as the evolution of the Oregon State Fair.

The Oregon State Fair’s ST[+r]EAM team is ramping for 2019 with brave competitions that stand as a fascinating counterpoint to more traditional aspect of the Fair. They call it thinking outside of the box. Some say it’s breaking the mold. However you phrase it, there is this: ST[+r]EAM is a visceral celebration of Science, Technology, Math, Art and Reading. Welcome to the new age of the Oregon State Fair.

Science Fair

It's a battle of wits and ingenuity as Oregonians compete in categories like experiments, engineering, display, and theoretical. The Science Fair is open to four different groups - Youth (12 and under), Teen (13-17), General (18 and up) and Team (2 or more partners).

Science Fair Handbook

Remote Control Vehicle

Build your own Remote Controlled Vehicle – be it Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Aircraft, or Boat. Remote Controlled vehicles are vehicles that are operated by radio control. The purpose of this competition is to build and demonstrate an unmanned, radio controlled vehicle. Vroom, vroom - let's see what you can do!

Remote Control Vehicle Handbook

Essay Competition

Is there a technology that has changed your life or the life of someone you know? Noise pollution, 3D printed braces for your teeth, apps that help you get and stay organized. Please write about an invention or advancement that has impacted you in some way. It can be as technical as your thoughts on space exploration, 3D printed organs or other body parts, or how robots are changing our world. It can be as easy as electric slime, 21st century pest control, or a sports app that helps you become a better athlete. Winners may be invited to read their essays on our Explore Oregon Showcase. Please tell us, Oregonians – it’s up to you to Find Your SCIENCE.

Essay Competition Handbook

Building Blocks

This is one of the most popular ST[+r]EAM competitions to enter and to admire. Colorful, snap-together building blocks are used to create wondrous things…whatever the makers might imagine.

Building Blocks Handbook

Found Fun Film Festival

This is a short film competition where you have between two and five minutes to tell your story. Is it about your 101-year-old grandmother? Or perhaps someone else who’s done something amazing? Maybe it’s about a special place in Oregon, or anywhere else. Maybe it’s a realistic work of fiction, or perhaps it has nothing to do at all with reality. Point is, the topic is up to you, whether you’re an experienced filmmaker or not. Everyone is welcome to enter his or her best effort.

Film Festival Handbook