We know plenty of fairgoers who make a beeline to see the Visual Arts exhibits.

Creative Living results for Visual Arts are in.

This department is a must-see for aficionados of photography, calligraphy and art.

It’s a scientific fact that humans communicate visually first and verbally second. That might explain the ongoing popularity of this department of the Oregon State Fair, where talented and gifted Oregonians share their creative efforts in three divisions of spirited competition. It’s always an outstanding show.


There’s just something about excellent calligraphy that stops fairgoers in their tracks. As it should be. We offer three divisions of competition: Beginner/Novice Adult, Intermediate/Advanced Adult and Student. Cash prizes will be awarded in the juried division only. Non-Juried classes will see first-place, second-place and third-place ribbons awarded. Handbook & 2017 Calligraphy Results

People’s Choice Award: Calligraphy

Tina Ng for Caged: Figure in Caution Tape
Student Division (Ages 18 & Under)

Fine Art

Two esteemed art judges—both with substantial artistic credentials—will assess submitted works by artists in these divisions: Professional, Non-professional, Teen, and Junior. Please note that our Exhibition Standards apply to all divisions, and is detailed in the downloadable handbook. Handbook & 2017 Fine Art Results 

People’s Choice Award: Fine Art

Stella Shinn for My Mom
Junior Fine Art (Age 12 & Under)

Nicholas Sacks for Jensen Ackles
NonProfessional Fine Art


The 2017 Oregon State Fair proudly offers the Oregon Photography Exhibition, which welcomes entries from a spectrum of approaches: Digital, Traditional Film, Alternative Processes, Polaroid Transfers, Hand-colored Photographs, and Platinum/Palladium. Photographs may be offered for sale during the Fair. Handbook & 2017 Photography Results

People’s Choice Award: Photography

Ronald Perez for Summer Snow: The infrared spectrum brings snow to an Oregon Summer
General Photography

Saige Bassitt for Tree Limb Boy
Junior Photography (Age 12 and younger)

Exhibit Photographers

Here are the photographers who have been accepted into the 2017 exhibit.