Culinary & Entertaining competitions offer scores of ways to participate.

Creative Living Culinary & Entertaining results are in!

Our four departments span a spectrum of classic contests. Congratulations to this year’s participants.

Baked Foods

We offer 19 divisions and classes, including opportunities for youth entrants. All Baked Foods competitions are for amateurs only. Handbook & 2017 Baked Foods Results 

Preserved Foods

One of this nation’s most traditional culinary pursuits remains alive and well at the 2017 Oregon State Fair. Our Preserved Foods contests incorporate 13 divisions, ranging from freezer jams to fermented drinks, and everything in between. And keep an eye out for special awards provided by famous American brands that have always been traditional favorites among those who preserve foods. Handbook & 2017 Preserved Foods Results

Decorated Cakes & Confectionery Arts

This fascinating area of competition allows for the participation of folks at the following skill levels: Junior, Teen, Beginner, Experienced, Semi-Professional, Professional, and Master. In addition, there are six divisions and classes. Please see the handbook for detailed rules and parameters. Handbook & 2017 Decorated Cakes & Confectionery Arts Results 

People’s Choice Award: Decorated Cakes & Confectionery Arts

Heather Rooke for Peace of the Sea, a Cake carved into a turtle over a reef
Decorated Cakes


The functionality, originality and creativity of table decorating are on full display in this popular competition. Whether it’s the adult or youth division, the results are always eye-catching. The three themes for adult entrants in 2017 are: Vintage Wedding, Steampunk, Christmas/Black Tie (Entries in this class must adhere to the American Standard Tablesetting Rules as outline in Appendix A.) The theme for Youth/Teen entries is Sports Teams. (Be creative!) Handbook & 2017 Tablescaping Results 

People’s Choice Award: Tablescaping

Kerry Rechiro for Silver Pine Christmas