Spirited Competitions

If you think competition is fun… then you’re in the right place. The Oregon State Fair is the epicenter of spirited competition.

The simple act of entering one of our many categories of competition is a show of respect for Oregon State Fair tradition. After all, there remains something fundamentally homespun and hands-on about making or doing something worthy of state fair recognition.

Call it a throwback to simpler times if you like. What we know for sure is this: Fairgoers flock to see the entries year after year. And that feels good for everyone involved.

  • Culinary & Beverage

    Look for lively competition when it comes to Homebrewing, Amateur Winemaking, and the Gerry Frank Chocolate Layer Cake Contest.

  • Creative Living

    Tradition shakes hands with innovation in the Creative Living competitions.

  • Animals

    The Livestock competition promises to be a strong showing across the board.

  • Talent Search

    A statewide contest that could be a first step toward the big time.

  • Best of the Best

    Introducing the Best of the Best competition, for all county fairs in Oregon.