It's the 60th edition of the Gerry Frank Chocolate Layer Cake Contest.

Don't miss this milestone event for one of the Fair's most beloved traditions.

Sunday, Sept. 1st at 2:00 pm on Columbia Hall's Explore Oregon Stage.

Gerry Frank smiles with the top 3 finishers of the 60th Annual Gerry Frank Chocolate Cake Contest on September 1st at the Oregon State Fair. L-R: 2nd place finisher Jamie Hendrickson of Monmouth, Gerry Frank, 1st place finisher Jenn Hearn of Keizer, and 3rd place finisher Suzanne Akin of Bend.


Congratulations to our top three finishers of the 60th Annual Gerry Frank Chocolate Cake Contest!

1st - Jenn Hearn, Keizer

2nd - Jamie Hendrickson, Monmouth

3rd - Suzanna Akin, Bend

And thanks to all 81 bakers who brought delicious cakes for Gerry to judge - that's double the entries we received last year! Kudos!

Click here for the official scores of each and every 81 cakes.


Chocolate Cake Contest

Contest Requirements

HOW TO ENTER CONTEST:  Bring your cake to the Explore Oregon Stage in Columbia Hall on the Oregon State Fairgrounds, between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm on Sunday, September 1st.  No entry form is required.  Each entry shall admit the contestant to the Fairgrounds.

TYPE OF ENTRY:  Any chocolate or devil’s food layer cake.  No cake shall contain ready-mixes of any kind, including frostings.  All entries shall be judged on the basis of appearance, texture and flavor.

Contestant is allowed only one (1) entry.

Indications of physical damage, as might occur in transit or handling, shall not be counted against the contestant by the judge. Any resident of Oregon may enter, except for professional bakers or professional home economists. Gerry Frank will judge entries.


Our first place winner of the contest will be awarded a $250 Macy's Gift Card, and a copy of the new 4th edition of Gerry Frank’s Oregon guidebook.

Chocolate cake for all who attend.

Our friends at US Bank will be serving chocolate cake (while supplies last) to audience members and fair guests.

About Gerry Frank.

Gerry’s love of chocolate is recognized by legions. September 2019 marks the 60th year of the Gerry Frank Chocolate Layer Cake Contest at the Oregon State Fair, for which he has been the sole judge. It is the best-known and longest running cake contest in the country. Gerry was the founder of Gerry Frank’s Konditorei, a gourmet cake shop and restaurant in Salem.

Gerry Frank is well known for his Oregonian column. Look for the brand new 4th edition of Gerry Frank’s Oregon, a compilation of Gerry’s Oregonian travel columns along with historical and interesting tidbits about Oregon and treasured stories of the Meier and Frank families. His best-selling guidebook, Where to Find It, Buy It, Eat It in New York, has sold over one million copies and guided thousands throughout the tangles of Manhattan. The updated 20th edition was recently published.

Gerry Frank will stay on after the contests to sign books.

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