Nature has a home at the Oregon State Fair.

Our Natural Resources area is hard to miss:
just look for the towering evergreen trees.

Probably one of the most peaceful places at the Oregon State Fair is our Natural Resources Area, on the west side of the Historic Horse Stadium. But don’t let the pleasant shade and easy mood of this natural oasis fool you, because there’s a lot going on here. Because this is where the our friends from a variety of agencies step up to tell important stories about the work the do for all Oregonians. Of course we’re talking about the Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, the Keep Oregon Green Association, and the ODA Noxious Weed and Insect Programs.


Keep Oregon Green

The Keep Oregon Green Association recently renovated the exterior of their fair booth! From the roof to the foundation, fire-resistant materials like Hardie plank siding, a metal roof, double-paned windows and a fire-rated man door will demonstrate what a hardened home looks like. This fire season, Keep Oregon Green’s theme is Put Your Smokey Hat On. Come say hello to Smokey Bear! Displays will demonstrate how to prevent human-caused wildfires, and we’ll have fun activities for kids and adults alike! Keep Oregon Green will be there every day of the Fair, from 11am-6pm each day.

Fire Marshal Logo_2023-color

Oregon State Fire Marshal

The Oregon State Fire Marshal will be at the Natural Resource Area to talk about all things fire prevention. Come learn about how to prevent fires inside and outside your home. OSFM staff with be on hand to show you around home fire safety tips, defensible space, wildfire prevention, and tour the fire-resistant plant garden. Also, be on the lookout for Bigfoot, who might just make an appearance at the Natural Resource Area. OSFM will be here every day of the Fair, from 11 am – 6 pm.


Oregon Department of Forestry

The Oregon Department of Forestry will be celebrating 50 years of the Tillamook and Clatsop state forests. Come decorate tree cookie necklaces, fun for all ages and FREE. Collect tree stickers, temporary tattoos and more inside the booth. Learn information about Don’t Move Firewood. The Oregon Department of Forestry will be there Fridays through Sundays and Labor Day from 11am-6pm.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will have an anti-poaching display featuring the true story of how a giant white sturgeon and four smaller sturgeon were saved from poachers after observant fishermen contacted Fish and Wildlife Troopers. The seven-foot long “dinosaur” fish was about 80 years old and probably full of eggs! All five of the sturgeon were released alive back into the bay, and thanks to law enforcement, the poachers face felony charges. Plus a fun activity for kids, teaching them to leave wild babies wild. And learn information on invasive species, along with live turtles to show the differences between native and invasive species.


ODA Noxious Weed and Insect Programs:
Monday August 28 - Friday September 1, 10am-4pm

The Oregon Department of Agriculture will be at the Oregon State Fair on August 28 thru September 1, with the ODA Noxious Weed, Insect and Hemp Programs.

Come see the Invasive Species Education Station Trailer to learn more about invasive species of Oregon, and hemp. Play games and learn ways you can stop invasives in their tracks.

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