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Cirque Ma’Ceo

August 25 @ 2:30 pm

Enter the secret world of Cirque Ma’Ceo, where the age old fellowship of man and horse is brought to life in this gypsy show; a mysterious story tale where the swirling winds of passion transcend you. As you discover the traditional and diverse art forms of acrobatics and horsemanship, the origins of circus performance unveil its beauty and intensity. Generations of skill and grace have come together to create Cirque Ma’Ceo, an enchanting extravaganza featuring daredevil stunt work and unparalleled splendor. Combining various equestrian techniques; traditional dressage, Cossack and Bareback riding, along with Aerial Arts performed by world-class acrobats and riders!2017-08-25,2017-08-25,All Alaskan Racing Pigs,Familyville,15:00:00,,The All-Alaskan Racing Pigs are the ultimate racing machines! The sawdust flies when four of these fuzzy little critters flash out of the starting gates and battle each other over hurdles for first place at the feed trough!,Oregon State Fair
2017-08-25,2017-08-25,Junior Angus Beef Cattle Show,Tented Show Green,15:00:00,,,Oregon State Fair
2017-08-25,2017-08-25,Columbia Sheep Show,Forster Livestock Pavilion,15:30:00,,,Oregon State Fair
2017-08-25,2017-08-25,4-H Hog Showmanship & Breed Classes,4-H/FFA Barn,16:00:00,,,Oregon State Fair
2017-08-25,2017-08-25,4-H Beef Showmanship & Breed Classes,4-H/FFA Barn,17:00:00,,,Oregon State Fair
2017-08-25,2017-08-25,Romney Sheep Show,Forster Livestock Pavilion,17:00:00,,,Oregon State Fair
2017-08-25,2017-08-25,Cirque Ma’Ceo,Pavilion,17:30:00,,Enter the secret world of Cirque Ma’Ceo


August 25
2:30 pm


United States