150th Anniversary Kickoff at Director Park

Historic crowd shot at the Oregon State Fair
SALEM, Ore. — Street performers, farm animals, puppeteers and acrobats. Seeing any of these at a state fair is common. In the middle of a busy metropolitan city, its unusual—to say the least. Yet on Thursday, May 21, Director Park, in the heart of downtown Portland will be transformed as rural meets urban to kick off the sesquicentennial celebration of the Oregon State Fair—the same day concert tickets go on sale for a much-anticipated lineup.

“We’re dubbing Thursday, May 21, ‘One Crazy Day in Downtown Portland,’ with good reason,” said Dan Cox, Oregon State Fair spokesperson. “From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. the people of downtown Portland will experience just a taste of the ‘crazy fun’ they’ll see come August 28-Sept. 7 at the 150th Oregon State Fair in Salem. The event will also serve as the backdrop for our television commercial shoot of which visitors may be able to appear in.”

Hope to see you at Director Park (on the corner of SW Taylor & Park in downtown Portland)!