Top Your Hot Dog

Top Your Hot Dog Content

Mark Friday, August 24th on your calendar for this tantalizing contest, which is part of Tailgate Day in the Creative Living Department.

When the clock strikes 2:30 pm, the contest fun begins on the Explore Oregon Showcase in Columbia Hall.

Hot dogs are as traditional as the State Fair itself. So it’s little wonder that this contest has become a fair favorite in recent years. Folks really enjoy seeing the contestants do their best to top their dogs in their very own style.

A total of ten lucky contestants will be required to use one of the following products—which will be provided to them—in their recipe:

  • Suzie’s Organics Ketchup
  • Suzie’s Organics Yellow Mustard
  • Suzie’s Organics Mayonnaise
  • Suzie’s Organics Dijon Mustard
  • Suzie’s Organics Spicy Brown Mustard

How to Enter

Enter online through August 6th, allowing time for the complimentary products to be sent to contestants. Remember to include your recipe with your entry…this is mandatory. The actual hot dogs and buns will be provided on the day of the contest. Entries are to be dropped off at the information desk in Columbia Hall between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm on August 24th.