Glamping Gone Tin Foil Contest

The Glamping Gone Tin Foil Contest

This August 29th contest highlights Outdoor Living Day in the Creative Living Department.

Check out this “glamor camping” cooking contest at 4:00 pm on the Explore Oregon Showcase in Columbia Hall.

Culinary skills are not limited to the kitchen these days. For proof, consider what’s going on with the essence of this contest. Outdoor people cook up a storm within the confines of tin foil on a grill or open fire, using their own original recipes.

These foods cooked in tin foil will be judged by Chef Zach from Michelbook Country Club in McMinnville. His ideas around glamping food are an inspiration, and he is eager to see and taste what the contestants bring into the heat of competition.

How to Enter

You can enter online now and through August 17th, after which you’ll need to connect with us directly to learn if any spots remain open in the contest. Reach us by email at [email protected]. The contest is limited to 15 entrants, so now’s the time to get signed up.

Entries should be delivered to the information desk in Columbian Hall on the day of the contest, between the hours of 10:00 am and 1:30 pm.