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Sea Lion Encounters!

Rescued sea lions star in this marine education extravaganza.

We’re proud to welcome these sea lion ambassadors for their debut at the Oregon State Fair—all eleven days, free with your paid fair admission.

Sea Lion Encounters offers a major splash of entertainment and inspiration, due in large part to the delightful performances of the rescued sea lions. Think of it as an educational marine conservation outreach program that happens to make folks smile. Some people call this an “edutainment experience.”

These exciting creatures of the sea exhibit natural behaviors like ball balancing and handstands, amazing leaps and jumps, and awe-inspiring in-water interactions with trainers.

Add to that, you’ll hear the heartwarming stories of how the sea lions came to be rescued, as well as fun ways everyone can play a role in preserving the planet.

Daily Schedules


4:00pm  |  7:00pm


1:00pm  |  4:00pm  |  7:00pm

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