Giant tires, massive motors, and brave drivers.

It’s the 2021 WGAS Motorsports Oregon State Fair State Championships!

Coming in 2021 to the Pavilion!

The Oregon State Fair is proud to host this breath-taking, one-time motorsports event in the Pavilion. Outrageous monster trucks doing crazy stunts is the order of the day. Trucks slated to participate include: Bounty Hunter, Playing For Keeps, Enforcer and Scarlett Bandit. Add to that, we’ll have a bunch of Tuff Trucks also doing their best to make you gasp. For many families this is the ultimate in over-the-top entertainment—maybe it’s true for your family, too. Enjoy a look back at these bad boys in 2019!

The show is free with admission to the Fair. Stay tuned for date and time - and remember to bring ear protection!

All motorsport and equestrian shows in the Pavilion are free with fair admission! Seating will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Entry not guaranteed.

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