Great American Petting Farm

This happy place is a different kind of petting farm.

All of these Oregon farm animals run freely with fairgoers.


The Great American Petting Farm is America’s premier petting farm. Our Petting Farm is truly unique; there are no barriers inside the petting farm to keep children from getting up close and personal with our cute, cuddly, and immaculately clean animals.

With our award-winning combination of friendly animals and caring staff, we provide families all over America with a one of a kind hands-on experience.

The petting farm includes 50 beautiful, friendly hand-raised animals including: Four breeds of dairy and miniature goats, three breeds of sheep, Miniature Sicilian Donkeys, Llamas, miniature Call Ducks, chickens, miniature Zebu cattle, Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs, Bennett Wallabies, and a large variety of baby animals, many of them still being fed with baby bottles.

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