If The Family Fun Stage were any more fun, there’d be an investigation.

This amazing venue is all about family fun.

Smiles. Grins. Giggles. And guffaws. These happy things stand as evidence of the endless entertainments awaiting you at the Family Fun Stage. Act after engaging act takes to the covered stage in a nearly non-stop effort to entertain you and yours. Keep reading below to learn the fun-filled details.


Mark is a Comedy Hypnotist/Magician who is very quickly making his way to top with his hilarious and unique show. He has a background in the performing arts of more than 20 years. With this experience he delivers one of the most electrifying comedy performances out there.

Master Hypnotist Mark Yuzuik


The Circus of Fools is a mind-blowing, live juggling and comedy performance that happens several times a day during the Fair. The super-skilled performers on stage simply have a knack for finding your funny bone. The entertainment value is through the roof, due largely to their irreverent spontaneity. Come see for yourself!

Circus of Fools


If you get a kick of theatrical drum and dance performance, you’re going to love Street Beat. The energy level is explosive. Each rendition of their show has a kinetic quality that can’t be slowed, let alone stopped. Count on Street Beat for urban rhythm and dance that takes full percussive advantage of junk, household items and found objects. It’s a hoot.

Street Beat

Check back this summer for complete performance schedules.