Darigold Milking Parlor

It's the freshest new spot at the Fair!

Darigold is the Official Dairy Partner of the Oregon State Fair! Since 1918, farmer-owned Darigold has been providing high-quality milk and dairy products, from farms located throughout the northwest, to consumers in Oregon and around the region. Darigold’s network of local farms and production facilities ensure that its products around the region meet its high standards for quality and are delivered fresh.

Check out the Darigold Milking Parlor at the Oregon State Fair! Did you know that Darigold is owned by local family farms throughout the northwest? This makes for high-quality milk that comes straight from the farm and into your grocery store in less than 48 hours! Learn more about it in the Darigold Milking Parlor, located in the Livestock area at the Oregon State Fair.

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