The Artisans Village is a timeless yet timely tradition at the Oregon State Fair.

Situated near the gardens, awaiting your visit.

One of the best qualities of the 2019 Oregon State Fair is the diversity of attractions and entertainments. This truth is no more evident than when you set foot in Artisans Village. It’s a quaint and peaceful gathering place for fairgoers who might need a break from the hubbub of the bustling fairgrounds. The artisans you’ll find here—listed below—are eager to share their work and tell their stories. What better way to further enrich your day at the fair?

Silver Tide Jewelry by Robert Peters: Manipulations of Sterling silver, niobium, titanium, and aluminum in chains, new and unique pieces.

Khoobsurat Gift Shop: Henna body art, hand made tapestries and Indian Art.

Lady J Arts, by Jessica Prince: Beautiful stone wrapped jewelry in coppers and silver and watercolor paintings.

Pot Head Ceramics: Decorative and functional ceramic pieces: bowls, platters, vases and much more.

Beyond Caricature: A mix of caricature and formal portraits.

The Coin Pouch: DaVinci mint machine makes coins and medallions out of bronze and silver.

Elizabeth Jewelry, featuring Molly Rahe: Gold and sterling silver with genuine gemstones.

‘Make Mine Pottery’ brought to you by Debra Moen: Pottery creations based around cooking and serving in volume with simple forms, meant for everyday use.

Tomiko Paulson: Sewn, crocheted and knitted items, along with painting

The Twisted Gem: Jewelry designs

Dreams United: Tie Dye Clothing and epoxy resin Art

English Lavender Farm and Angel Farms: Lavender oil, lotions, soaps, candles and pillows. Farm fresh foods and preserves.

Linda BoBinda’s Designs: Silver and copper Jewelry, recycled flatware, ornaments and mixed media with wood, silver and copper.

The Herbal Gerbil featuring Kat Prince: Various tinctures, aromatherapy and herbal cosmetics using organic oils and lotions.

Pottery and Raku Ceramics sponsored by the Willamette Art Center: Japanese practice of Raku, Not only do we host the Artisan’s Village, we put on our own exhibit. Choose a handmade ceramic pot, then glaze it, and we’ll fire it on the spot in our Raku Kiln. In an hour, you can come back and pick up your own creation.

Collective Scents featuring Susiana Lechiara: Delightful scents in everything in handcrafted mason jar wood wick soy candles made with the finest ingredients. Aromatherapy through Essential oils.

The Capitol Woodcarvers with Jim Boatner: Honored art of woodcarving.

Grisen Studio, featuring Margarethe and Greg Gregg: Pottery and clay figures created by hand that stretch the realms in a collaboration of creative energy and mud,

Lavender Thyme Herb Farm, featuring Taffy Donalson: Dried lavender bouquets, linen mists and lavender oil. handcrafted treasures, western and garden art, lavender essential oil, fresh or dried flowers, culinary herbs, plants, and “everything lavender to soothe body and soul!

Artfully Salvaged featuring Chandra Callaway: Vintage bottle hummingbird feeders, with colors, copper and crystals.

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