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Find it in the Green Acres Landscape Plaza

One of the best qualities of the 2022 Oregon State Fair is the diversity of attractions and entertainments. This truth is no more evident than when you set foot in Artisans Village. It’s a quaint and peaceful gathering place for fairgoers who might need a break from the hubbub of the bustling fairgrounds. The artisans you’ll find here are eager to share their work and tell their stories. What better way to further enrich your day at the fair?

Artisans Village is open 10:00 am to 8:00 pm each day of the Fair. This year we welcome the following Artisans to Artisans Village:

    • Fluid Forge Black Smith - daily demonstrations
    • Willamette Art Center - spontaneous pottery demonstrations
    • Elizabeth Jewelry - daily demonstrations

And you can stop by the Raku area to sign up to enter to win a one-night stay for 2 at the Grand Hotel!

Plus Live Music from 3pm-5pm daily from...

    • Under the Lake - 8/26
    • Waterfront - 8/27
    • Surefire - 8/28
    • Robert Richter & Ronnie Carrier - 8/29
    • Deni Herrmann - 8/30
    • Next of Kin - 8/31
    • Next of Kin - 9/1
    • Under the Lake - 9/2
    • Huckleberry Highway - 9/3
    • Huckleberry Highway - 9/4
    • Gary Mezzire - 9/5
  • And daily performances starting at 5:30pm by house band, Syco Billy's String Band!

Read more about our incredible artisans!

DA Leather

DA Leather has been delighting customers for most of a decade with their handmade leather goods.  All leather goods are made with full grain leather.  DA Leather starts with a side of leather and create beautiful, handcrafted items for you to enjoy for years to come.

Like in a tailor shop, you are measured for a proper fit.  Your chosen belt is then finished to that fit while you watch the process.

You can find a variety of hand made products at DA Leather:  Belts, Wallets, Purses, Earrings, Guitar Straps, Rifle Slings, Holsters, Key Rings, Wristbands, Valet Tray (also known as catchall tray or dice box) and more.  In addition to the hand made leather products, we offer many buckles and adornments for your leather products.

Deborah Moen

In my beginning of art there were sketchpads, paint and canvas. I then touched clay and that was it – I was addicted. My work derives from having a mom as a chef and learned the importance of food presentation. My creations reflect the easy side of life. I make pieces that are plain, simple, hold quantity, pleasing to the eye and meant for every day use.

Being Oregon born and raised, my first touch of clay was in high school in the mid 70’s. I am basically a self-taught potter with a couple ceramic classes at Portland Community Collage.

The pieces I design, either wheel thrown or hand built goes through an extensive R&D. My adult children and I use prototype pieces so we know how the design works over all in the home. We can then make any changes before the final pieces find their own new homes. Every piece will have a tiny bit of my heart and soul in them.


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